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Frequently Asked Questions


Q : What does advice mean?

A :
• We can advise you on any question that you may have on any of the services that the company provides

Buying Solutions

Q : Can I save money buying through the Catering Hub Buying Solutions?

A :
• The Catering Hub works in partnership with a number of national purchasing specialists who will negotiate the best supply arrangements for you.
• Their significant buying power gives our clients easy access to exceptional terms and their powerful business systems help our clients make the most of their buying position
• Whether you are a takeaway, restaurant, nursing home, school or college and whatever the size of your operation, working with us will significantly improve your financial performance..

Q : What does the Catering Hub’s buying solutions consist of?

A :
• The Catering Hub can supply the full range of consumable products used within the Catering and Hospitality industry today
• We can assist with a diverse range of food and hospitality commodity categories from grocery, frozen food, chilled food, fresh food and bakery items to cleaning products and work ware

Catering Consultancy

Q : What type of services does the consultancy provide?

A :
• 360 operational review on all current business activities in order to achieve
• Improved financial performance
• Ensure customer-focused service
• Maximize the return on investment
• Improve customer quality of services
• Ensure best value is being achieved

Q : How much does it cost for your consultancy services?

A :
• In general the first hour is free in order to discuss individual need and challenges

Q : what services does it include?

A :
• All aspects of the catering industries business needs

Compliance Training

Q : What other subjects does the Catering Hub provide training for?

A :
• Other areas that have a key impact on the success of any catering or customer facing food business is Customer Service, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Path
• All of our qualification can be delivered at basic Intermediate or advanced levels

Q : What training should I have for a Restaurant or Café’s?

A :
• The key areas of training competence for a restaurant or food business is Food Safety, First Aid appointed person, Fire Safety & Health and Safety all these qualification

Q : What does compliance training mean?

A :
• Compliance training means demonstrating that you or your team are legally or formally competent to deliver the key responsibilities of your business

Energy Supplies

Q : How much will it cost me to find out if the Catering Hub can save money for me?

A :
• It won't cost you a penny all the Catering Hub’s Local Consultant would require would be is a Letter of Authority and copies of your energy bills, which will allow us to act on your behalf in securing the best energy solution for your business it is as simple as that!
• We focus on getting the best prices for your utilities, so you can focus on your business – probably the most profitable 15 minutes you will ever spend.

Q : What saving can the Catering Hub make for my business?

A :
• Our experience has shown that some of our new clients have realised saving in their energy contract costs of up to 40% dependant on what they are where currently paying at that time
• The Catering Hub acts like a mortgage broker tendering your energy supply to all the energy companies. This ensures that we will identify any saving possible on your behalf.
• We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end, managed tendering service to ensure that our clients are able to review the widest possible range of supply offers, before helping them to select the most competitive and appropriate contract

Q : What service does the Catering Hub provide and how does it work?

A :
• We offer a free impartial service to all our customers giving advice and guidance on all of their energy questions
• The Catering Hub specialises in dealing with the small business operator, and therefore we are aware of the types challenges they are experiencing
• Our aim is to provide a hassle free quality managed service. You allow us to do all the work, so you don’t have to waste any of your valuable time in ringing around to get the best prices
• Our “Local Consultants” are always available to assist with any questions you may have; we also give our clients access to their own portal to view what is happening with their contracts and supplies.

Extraction Duct Cleaning

Q : Why do I need to have my extraction system cleaned?

A :
• All catering establishments who have extraction systems installed must have them cleaned twice annually in order to become compliant and maintain their insurance policy cover.
• Failure to have your extraction ducting cleaned will result in your business being in breach of your insurance policy, therefore your business will not be covered in case of a fire.
• The Catering Hub have a complete range of Duct cleaning companies to suit all types of business ranging from the corner café to the corporate client


Q : What Financial services does the Catering hub provide?

A :
• The Catering Hub understands the full range of challenges and issues related specifically to the catering sector i.e. differences between hot sales and cold sales for Take a ways and ullage, walkage and breakages in the Restaurant sector.
• If you are a Sole Trader or a Limited company we are here to be more than just your regular accountant, we are keen to ensure that you maximise all tax advantages and savings possible.
• We specialise in providing a complete quality financial service at very competitive all-inclusive costs or if you wish we can provide any one single service included within the following list
• Preparing quarterly VAT Returns
• Providing a personal Book Keeping service
• Preparation of Annual Accounts for all types of companies I.E. LTD, LLP & Sole Trader’s
• We can provide our clients with an Annual Financial Business Review as part of our service. This report will assist and advise you with your business development needs

Fire Safety & Fire Fighting Equipment

Q : What types of service does the Catering Hub provide?

A :
• We at The Catering Hub recognise that the small business owners cannot afford a full time Fire, health & safety officer to get involved in detailed legislation
• Outsourcing your Fire, Health & safety function is the only cost effective way to get peace of mind we have a list of Fire, Health & Safety specialists available to help and support you to become completely compliant with the latest legislation
• The Catering Hub provide a full and comprehensive range of Fire Extinguishers at the most competitive price within the sector through our network of specialist support suppliers

Q : What do I need to know about Fire Safety Law?

A :
• All businesses must comply with Fire safety law The regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect in October 2006 and replaces over 70 pieces of fire safety law
• This Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 applies to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales and if you have a commercial business this law applies to you
• Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 the responsible person i.e. the business owner or operator must carry out a fire risk assessment and implement and maintain a fire management plan
• it is illegal to operate a business without having proper Fire safety procedures in place to protect yourself your customers, your suppliers and employees.

Food Safety

Q : type services does the Food Safety service provide?

A :
• The Catering Hub has specialist Food safety specialist advisors who will help your catering business to attain the required level of food hygiene practices in line with the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.
• All of your food business hygiene needs will be assessed and our services tailored to your business needs, this will make your life easier.
• The advent of ‘Scores on the Doors’ for restaurant and catering establishments food hygiene has become a front-line issue.
• The public is monitoring your “scores on the Doors“ performance when deciding where to dine in your premises, We can help you increase your grade. No longer will you need to fear a surprise visit from you local Environmental Health Authority. We hold your hand and make sure that you have everything in place to run your catering business effectively, safely and with confidence

Q : What could happen to my business if I fail to follow the regulations

A :
• Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the Environmental Health Authority placing prohibition orders on your business
• Businesses that continue to operate outside their legal responsibilities can expect to be Fined up to £20,000 and also closed down.

Q : Why is it important to have a food safety system?

A :
• The Law dictates that all food premises must conform to their legal requirements in line with the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.

Health & safety

Q : Why do I need to be have procedures in place for my small business?

A :
• To comply with the law because it is illegal to operate a business with more than 3 employees without having proper health and safety procedures in place to protect yourself your employees and all forms of the public that you come in contact with.
• As caterers we understand appreciate how pressurised catering is and we are very sympathetic to this industry's unique requirements
• The Catering Hub recognises that the small business owners cannot afford a full time health & safety officer to get involved in detailed legislation
• Outsourcing your health & safety function is the only cost effective way to get peace of mind we have a list of Health & Safety specialists available to help and support you to become compliant .
• We at the Catering Hub are well placed to provide a full comprehensive health & safety services in one complete package.

Human Resources

Q : What services are included?

A :
Employment Law
Ensuring that your company is and remains compliant in current employment Law through ongoing advice, guidance and support 24 hours a day.

Formal Documentation
We can provide you with all the necessary
employee documentation including:
Formal Policies and procedures.
Contracts of Employment.
Job Description, person Specification.
Disciplinary & Grievance templates and Employee Hand Book

Litigation Support
We will you to ensure that your company is protected against a full range of potential legal claims.


Q : What type of insurance cover can you provide?

A :
• The Hub only uses specialist catering insurance brokers to supply cover for their clients
• We pride ourselves by negotiating best price and quality of service on behalf of our clients
• Our Brokers provide every type of commercial insurance necessary for all types of catering operations.
• Our insurance brokers can also support our clients with a domestic service if required

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